Office at home: how to decorate it with style and functionality

Office at home: how to decorate it with style and functionality

Office at home: how to decorate it with style and functionality

Having the office at home is not an uncommon thing anymore, but do we know how to create the right environment for it?

Working from home is getting more common every day: freelancers, web developers or small businesses are often based in people’s residences for logistic reasons, or simply because the workers finds it more suitable to their lifestyle. When that happens, it is very important to choose wisely the furniture of the home office: the space needs to be clearly separated from the rest of the house, but still be stylistically coherent with the home décor, and provide the main comforts of a regular workspace. That said, you need to take a few factors in consideration; in which room do you want your office at home to be? What ae the characteristics of your job? What could help you improve the quality of your working time? The answer to these questions may seem a little more complicated in a home office, but you just need to follow a few of our tips to make a perfectly functional working area at home.


Let the classy furniture by Cattelan Italia inspire you.

Define the space


A desk with a laptop and a chair are not enough to make a home office. Your work environment has to be created with your home: that means that you somehow need to separate that space from the rest of the house, define it as a different and separated area. The same way that we need to separate our private life and our professional one, we need to divide our office and our home. Looks like a tricky task? It actually doesn’t take much to define your home office as a delimited area. Choose some furniture that can harmonize with the rest of the home décor, but that has something different to it: a different shade of color, a new finish for the material, a variation of style. If you don’t feel like doing it, there is an easier way: place a panel, a screen, something that clearly separates your home office from the rest of the house. This trick could be a smart idea, also considering that you can move it, close it up or put it away when it is not needed anymore.


Discover more creations by Baxter.

Be practical


We said that a desk and a chair are not enough to make a home office, but they are certainly indispensable. Especially if your job involves using your computer or laptop a lot, a practical desk and an ergonomic chair are fundamental for the quality of your work. Sitting on a chair for many hours straight is definitely not easy, even if your office is at home. That is why the choice of the seat is fundamental: it has to meet your own needs and tastes, but also be comfortable. It is recommended to choose chairs with arms, a high back and a stuffed structure: this way your back will have the support it needs. You don’t want to go cheap on this item: high quality materials and ergonomic design are important for your health and well-being, so it is totally worth it to spend money to guarantee yourself a healthy work space.


This ergonomic chair is designed by Bla Station.

You will need storage space


You will be tempted to throw all of your documents, calendars, post-its and papers just on your desk, but we all know that is a very bad idea. Your keyword must be: organization. Try to imagine your mother’s voice that yells you to tidy up your room when you were a teenager, and start following her advice now that you are a full-grown working adult – better late than never. All jokes aside, you need a piece of furniture that can help you organize the space better: it could be a shelving unit, a bookcase, a cabinet. This item can be of small size, since sometimes home offices are not extra roomy, but it has to be as practical as possible. Remember: being able to organize documents and papers will make you more productive and improve the quality of your working time in a significant way. If you don’t have much space, you can just install some shelves above your desk, like you see in this picture: it will be a very functional solution.


Would you like to have your office at home furnished by Pianca?



A functional home office needs to be illuminated properly. The ideal position for the desk is next to a window, so it gets as much natural light as possible. But the world of home workers and freelancers is full of night animals: after all, when you can make your own timelines, you can choose to work at odd hours of the day, or during the night. That is why you need a good light design in your home office, that can keep you company while you work in the dark. There is a number of solutions that could work very well: a stylish table lamp on your desk, or a big floor lamp to place next to the writing table. Led light is highly indicated, and it could be useful to have a model of lamp that is adjustable, with an arm that can be moved according to your needs.


This lighting design by Curiousa & Curiousa will make your home office so very special.

Think of coziness too


It is true that a home office is a place to work, and not for leisure hours. But it is also true that, in order to be productive, we also need to be in a comfortable and cozy environment. So why not decorating this area with pillows and carpets? Not only these items will make your working hours more enjoyable, but they will define and give personality to this space, like we mentioned earlier.


Find out more about the brand Vitra.

The personal touch


The positive thing about having to work at home, is that your office doesn’t look aseptic, cold and impersonal. You can make your home office speak about yourself, your job, your tastes, and even your personality. So, go ahead and choose something eccentric, something that maybe people who work in a company building don’t have. It could be anything: a painting, an artistic ornament, or a plant pot. In alternative, if you are among those people who think that every object in an office should have specific function, rather than just being decorative, hang a stylish clock on your wall. Chose it according to your favorite color, coordinate it with another piece of furniture, or create an appealing contrast with the rest of the home décor: as long as you make a choice according to your taste and personality, it will look great!


This clock by Bloomming a one of a kind object, don’t you think?


Foodie? 5 must haves for you and your guests

Foodie? 5 must haves for you and your guests

If you’re a foodie, you love only one thing as much as food, and that’s the company of your friends. Here are the five must-haves for the best dinners with friends!

With the growing appreciation for healthy, organic, sustainably grown food, the number of food lovers and aficionados is growing every day. But the act of eating and enjoying food is hardly something that’s fully enjoyable by yourself. The true joy is in being surrounded by your friends and sharing stories while tasting delicious food. Here: we’re sharing with you what the essentials for an informal dinner in company.

Cutting boards

Whether you’re having your friends over for cocktails and a few snacks, or for a full-course meal, chances are you’re going to need a cutting board. The cutting board used to be used…well, to cut: veggies, meat, cheese, all these foods are still normally chopped up on a wooden or plastic surface to avoid damaging our countertops. But this is the hipster era, and old, functional objects such as cutting boards have been rediscovered and transformed into objects of beauty that are meant to be taken out into plain sight instead of kept away in the kitchen. The cutting board is perfect for cheese and charcuterie platters during a cocktail sesh with your best friends or before serving the first course of a rich dinner.


Nobody loves food as much as Joe Sayegh!

You can opt for different styles of cutting boards depending on how you’re thinking of using yours. For instance, are you thinking of putting all the food on a table and let people get their refills, buffet-style? In this case, you could go for a monumental piece, like the one above. Made of thick, solid wood, it’s not supposed to be moved: everyone will be drawn to it. But a cutting board can also be the opposite: if you’re a dynamic person end enjoy the idea of walking around tempting your friends with delicious appetizers, a thin cutting board is what you’re looking for.


Aren’t you feeling hungry just by looking at this cutting board by DOIY?


Plates are critical. No matter how informal your buffet is, please, please, do not use any plastic plates. They’re awful for the environment and they’re just cheap and ugly to look at. Besides, why use boring and anonymous plastic plates when there’s a world of exciting designs out there? Tip: it’s a buffet in your comfort zone, not a solemn dinner at a gala, so you can focus on lively, joyful designs.


Take a look at more refined creations by Danish brand Lene Bjerre!


Yep, we’re back to trays. This is where you want to place all the dishes and/or snacks you’ve prepared; we love cooking, but it’s a tiring and sometimes stressing activity: the last thing you want is spending hours and hours cooking and then having to slap your food on an ordinary plate. You need to do justice to your creations, and you can do that with a tray. Be bold, and go for a multi-level tray! Multi-level trays allow you to arrange your food on a dynamic set of plates and surfaces, guaranteeing you an eye-catching final effect.


Nobody works high-quality silver like Wiener Silber Manufacture!

Time for fruits

Now, fruit doesn’t need to be all in one place: if you’re serving cheese and charcuterie, you should sneak in a bit of fruit in there too; pears and grapes would be perfect. But in the end you want to arrange most of your fruit into a full platter. You generally have to options: bowls or trays. Bowls have a somewhat more domestic vibe to them: after all, there’s always a fruit bowl in our kitchens and on our tables during meals.


A minimal black bowl by Movisi

Trays work better if you want to have full control over the arrangement of your fruit platter; in fact, a fruit tray might work better if you care a lot about aesthetics. If you opt for a tray, remember to move away from wood: you’ve already used it for the charcuterie and cheese platters! Let’s not get repetitive.


Fruits tastes better when it’s on a designer tray! This masterpiece is by PER/USE

Aren’t we forgetting something?

Yes: wine. It’s amazing how many foodies are also enthusiastic wine lovers. Some might say that our society is getting incredibly fussy about food and wine. Well, fussy or not, if you’re having friends over, wine is probably going to be there too. If you’re a follower of the Wine Cult, what you need to impress your friends — and make it clear wine is your religion — is a wine stand. Because why put away your wine on a shelf, when you can store it in style, in plain sight?


Who doesn’t need a wine rack? This is by Be!

Downton Abbey’s kitchen

There is something timeless about the calm beauty of a traditional English kitchen. Ready to style yours after Downton Abbey’s?

For more than half a century now, the main trend when it comes to kitchens has been to make them as minimal and functional as possible. However, there is a kitchen style that has been holding its ground against this contemporary trend; we’re talking about traditional English style. Let it be clear: we are not talking about country-style kitchen, specifically. There are of course a few similarities between the two, but still: two different things. The kind of English kitchen we are discussing here is what you’d expect to find in the basement of Downton Abbey, the majestic setting of one of our favorite British shows. Traditionally, this basement area was a bit of a secluded space, where the house servants would store the food and cook the meals both for the family they were working for and for themselves. However, the good news is, you don’t need a basement, or an army of cooks, butlers and waiters to style a perfectly acceptable English kitchen! You’ll see: you’ll get all those old-timey English vibes, minus the classist human exploitation bit.


A timeless kitchen design by Officine Gullo

Semi-recessed sink

This is one of our favorite elements of a traditional English kitchen. In fact, semi-recessed sinks used to be popular inside country houses and manors in general, the main reason being there usually was a need for larger sinks than the ones we’re now used to: bigger houses meant a higher number of dishes to do, vegetables to wash, and so on. However, what we’ve been loving about 2018 so far, is that apparently, semi-recessed sinks are back! Now, this type of sink already looks a bit old-school, mostly because even when it’s made of simple white ceramic, it doesn’t have that minimal look that’s characteristic of contemporary sinks. However, it is not that hard to emphasize its Old World appearance. Consider another material instead of plain white ceramic, like brass, for instance. Don’t choose minimal faucets, and add a few more features, like a hanger for your tea towels.


A timeless but contemporary brass semi-recessed sink by Officine Gullo


Since we mentioned brass: if we’re styling our kitchen like a traditional Downton Abbey-style kitchen, then brass is actually one of the best materials to convey that feeling. Brass is a material that was used quite often in the past, therefore we tend to normally associate it with old styles and fashions. It is fairly easy to employ it in the interior design of your kitchen, as it is possible to find just any sort of appliances and decorations that involve the use of brass. We are not just talking about doorknobs, but also kitchen parts, like inserts, faucets, and so on. Even lamps, like the one we are showing you in the picture below. In particular, we believe this one would be absolutely perfect for an English kitchen: it’s super simple and unpretentious, just like the footmen and maids’ area would be in a place like Downton Abbey. Moreover, the elongated shape of the light bulb helps to make it look like a relic from a time travel.


Take a look at more by FRAMA!

Simple colors

Mainly because again, in the past and in the English countryside, the kitchen used to be the reign of butlers, servants, footmen and maids, this space was kept surely tidy and clean, but quite simple and unpretentious. As far as colors would go, the general preference would be towards warm, neutral colors. Both because of the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and because even when paint was involved, it was usually made from natural materials as well. Other neutrals like white and milky white used to be quite popular, possibly because they naturally transmit a feeling of order and cleanliness. However, there are a few more shades that may not have been so widespread back then, but that you can totally feel free to employ now, like light robin egg blue and mint.


Aren’t you in love with this cozy kitchen design by Minacciolo?


Well, we dare say Downton Abbey’s cook Mrs Patmore probably didn’t see so much marble in her basement kitchen; however, remember how we said natural materials were by far the most commonly used? Well, marble is a natural stone as well, after all! Of course, in a kitchen of the time it might have seemed a bit extravagant: way too luxurious and definitely out of place. However, remember that you live in the present, not the past. This means that marble is actually a great solution if, as much as you adore the timeless English kitchen look, you’d still like to upgrade it a little bit. A bit of luxury is always welcome!


Dervi Stone serving looks all the way from Turkey


Of course, besides natural stone, what is the natural material par excellence? Wood, of course! You’d expect most of the cabinets, as well as tables and chairs, to be made of wood. Try avoiding styling your whole kitchen with wood though: the best home décor idea is to combine wood kitchen cabinets with stone, or terracotta tiles. As far as the color is concerned, we did say the general tendency used to be a preference towards natural shades. Still, you’re free to choose brighter colors; this decision will turn your Downton Abbey kitchen into a slightly more country one, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you feel more than satisfied with the final result.


You’ll feel happier the minute you walk into this yellow kitchen Gicinque!

AGA cooker and stove

This is a feature that would have been impossible not find inside every single English kitchen. When electricity was not so common, this type of stoves were the only way to cook food; when they were not being used to cook, they were still kept burning to create warmth. For instance, you don’t necessarily have to employ yours to cook: you can just keep it because of the warmth and atmosphere that it’s going to add to your kitchen.


Find out more about the cozy stoves by ΤΗΕΡΜΙΚΙ TSALIKIS!

Larder cupboard

Larder cupboards are sort of a rarity nowadays. But what were they used for? Well, they were essentially pantry storage for goods that need to be cool but not in a fridge, like cheese or eggs, which we don’t always refrigerate but which can be stored in a larder. Back then, a larder would have an air vent that connected it to the cool side of the house to enhance its refrigeration properties. Again, today larders are not so common anymore, but they do remain a useful and handsome way of storing and displaying frequently used items. Of course, it would be great to employ a larder for its original purpose, but you can also simply use it as a storage space for kitchen accessories.


We pretty much love everything by Bulthaup

Kitchen island

Considering how much food the cooks of a mansion like Downton Abbey would have to prepare every day, work surfaces were key to the success (or failure) of an official dinner. Of course, one of the quickest and best ways to increase the number of surfaces you can use is to install a kitchen island. However, considering that most of us do not live in a mansion, you’re probably not going to need a huge island: just get whichever model suits your needs.


A tiny but functional kitchen island by Altacorte

Shake it up

Old, traditional English kitchens have less in common with country style, and more in common with one of the latest trends that have become popular in the US: the shaker style. Simple, essential lines, unpretentious materials, sober colors. These table and chairs are an excellent example, spiced up by colors.


We love the basic but never predictable designs by Carl Hansen & Son — and you?

A place in the sun: tips to make your interiors brighter

A place in the sun: tips to make your interiors brighter

Make your home truly a place in the sun and follow these simple tips to have a bright and luminous house.

Everyone wishes to have a house full of light, luminous and joyful, especially now that summer is approaching. Yet, it is not always easy to organize our interiors to be bright, exploiting all the natural light available and choose smartly the artificial illumination. Especially in apartments and in buildings located in the city centers, having enough natural light can be a problem, suffocating the interior design potential of the house and affecting the home décor choices. Don’t worry: you won’t have to move to the countryside to have a bright and luminous house: using the right colors, some smart furniture elements and the appropriate decoration will be enough. We will give you some advice on how to transform a dark and gloomy city apartment into a bright and welcoming home. Follow our tips and create your own place in the sun.


This sunny room is decorated with furniture by P. Espejo.

Think about some alternatives to walls


When your interiors lack sufficient natural light, walls can be a negative factor, that blocks the few rays of sunlight from spreading in the rooms. We surely need walls to define the physical limits of a room, but sometimes we forget that we have other ways of separating areas with different functions in the house. Between the bedroom and the study room, or between the kitchen and the living room, you can install a partition panel, a shabby chic one made of natural looking wood, or a minimalist metal one. This is a smart solution to divide and define spaces, but still let the light passing through. This way, you don’t need to have a fully open plan house, but certain rooms can be separated with this unconventional alternative to the traditional walls.


Isn’t this partition by Colé screen absolutely unique?

Mirror mirror on the wall…


The key to exploit all the light available in a room is amplifying and reflecting the brightness.. and what’s the easiest way? Mirrors! In hallways, in small bathrooms, but also in the bedroom, it is possible to use mirrored or reflecting panels that cover most of the walls to maximize the light available. Some designers have created true artworks with mirrors: artistic compositions that will not only make your interiors look astonishingly luminous, but they will also add personality to your house, allowing you to express your personality with a unique décor element.


This mirror by Riflessi could be the cherry on top of the cake for your place in the sun.

Lacquer and glossy finishes


What looks brighter than a white lacquer kitchen? Cabinets and shelves in lacquer white make the whole room look bigger, tidier and so luminous. The use of ceramics or coatings with a reflective finish is also a strong point. Unlike the opaque models, these solutions increase the illumination provided by artificial lighting and strengthen the effect of natural light.


This minimalist white kitchen is a design by TM Italia.

Artificial lighting: make sure to do it right


When the rooms in the house are not very bright, the choice of the most suitable type of artificial light becomes fundamental. You might think that quantity is better than quality, but do not fall in this common place: having a lot of light sources randomly placed around the house will not help, if there is no thought behind the interior design. Avoid only a central light on the ceiling: it is much better to have more than one illumination source, placed in strategic spots.


What do you think about these ceiling lamps by Linea Zero?

Use light colors for the wall paint


This is one of the fundamental rules, the one that you have probably thought yourself. It is acknowledged that using dark or very warm colors for the walls is likely to “close” the rooms and diminishes the perception of light. To make the house virtually more spacious, it is advisable to rely on light, natural colors and, if you want to add a touch of color, reserve this for a single wall. Cold colors such as gray or blue, will do wonderfully, as well as beige or cream, as you can see in the example below.


The wall paint you see in this picture is from Viero.

Something eye-catching


Sometimes, according to the so-called principle of the white canvas, if you use a eye-catching drop of color, you will be able to attract the attention and distract from any problems in the surrounding space. In your case, the lack of brightness will be less obvious, if you choose one piece of furniture, one decoration item or artwork whose bright color will become the center of attention. Keep the surrounding shades more basic, use light tints and neutral colors. Plus, it is not just a cliché that light shades of color are able to brighten up any environment. The combined effect of these two tricks, will help your create your own place in the sun.


Take a look at more home décor accessories by Vetri Plants.

Summer fun: home décor inspo from Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul

Have you ever seen Frida Kahlo’s famous house, Casa Azul? Let’s see how we can have some summer fun mixing our style with Frida’s!

Of course, Frida Kahlo needs no introduction, considering she is definitely the most influential Mexican painter of all time, and for sure, one of the most famous painters in the world — even though it took a few years for her raw, passionate, crude paintings to get the recognition they deserve. Still, did you know her Mexican house is famous as well? Casa Azul (“Blue House”) has become a landmark, thanks to its stunning, colorful and personal interiors. Be inspired by Casa Azul to get your house ready for summer!


Would you like to see more colorful furniture by Memphis? Click here!


Of course, the most noticeable characteristic of this house, as the name itself suggests, is the fact that it’s blue. Well, all the outer walls were painted blue, and some of the inner walls as well. A strong, bold shade of blue is therefore ideal if you want to create a Frida Kahlo-inspired interior design. However, you can always choose to layer different shades in order to create your best mix. Be creative!


A colorful living room design by I Vetri di Patrick

Sturdy wood furniture

Another feature you’ll notice while visiting Casa Azul, is the abundance of sturdy wood furniture: cabinets, tables, desks, chairs… Every piece has clearly been carefully manufactured, yet at the same time every piece also remains unpretentious: its function is to well, be functional, rather than being a mere decoration.


Check out more raw designs by Henge!


Like many Mexican houses, Casa Azul has an inner courtyard, which, according to Frida’s taste, was populated with lots of exotic plants and animals. Now, regardless of whether or not the climate of your area allows you to keep exotic plants, we’re sure there is nothing stopping you from populating your own courtyard with plants! Always make sure to choose a simple design for your pots: Frida’s used to be made of simple terracotta, so make sure to choose an understated design.


Pots made of fabric by French brand BACSAC

Reddish floor tiles

You’ll also notice that Frida’s studio is characterized by pretty traditional, hexagonal terracotta tiles on the floor. Now, we personally love the beehive effect of hexagonal tiles, but if you’re not a fan, you can choose a more static design: rectangular terracotta tiles are even more timeless and traditional. This choice for your flooring is going to create a warm, informal atmosphere that will always make you feel welcome.


Would you like to see more high-quality tiles by Ceramiche Keope? Click here!


Frida Kahlo was famous for keeping a majestic peacock in her garden. Well, maybe you don’t have the space (or the time) for an actual peacock, so how about having a cute reminder of this beautiful animal in your interior design? Feel free to be as playful as you like!


We love all the playfuyl home décor pieces by EO


Frida Kahlo was a painter, and therefore, paint was one of the main features of her house, in all its forms: paintings hanging on the walls, cans of paint in her study room, brushes and colorful spots scattered here and there. Even if you’re not a painter yourself, you can always rely on some original home décor piece to add a bit of that bohemian, creative vibe to your home!


Check out more stunning pieces by Vij5!

Hygge decor: make your house a happy and cozy shelter

Hygge decor: make your house a happy and cozy shelter

Do you want to transform your house into a real hygge decor? Here is all you need to know.

Hygge is more than an interior design trend: it is a lifestyle from northern Europe that people from all over the world are getting to know and appreciate. The Danish word “hygge” does not have a literal translation but probably originates from the Germanic term “hyggja”, which dates back to the nineteenth century and means literally “feeling satisfied”. With this word, we describe the typical lifestyle philosophy of the Scandinavian people, which concerns harmony, well-being and gratitude. Perhaps this is why Danish people are one of the happiest in the world: because they have discovered the importance of simple things and are able to find time just for themselves, without worrying about frenetic life rhythms and stress. Hygge is a style that applies to everyday life, but that also affects the way of decorating the house, which must be designed for the pleasure of meeting with friends and family, feeling good about yourself and others. The Danish people, forced by nature to spend so many months in the complete darkness, have come up with the best interior design ideas: to turn the domestic environment into a shelter. Let’s find out which are the main guidelines to accomplish a true hygge decor in your home.


This cozy armchair is a design by Baxter.

Decorate your home with memories


Hygge is about simplicity, respect for the nature, and functionality. Hygge is about not indulging in the  superfluous: everything you own, must have its purpose, and everything you do must be finalized to your well being. This is, in other words, the synthesis of this Nordic style: live naturally, and let nature in your home. This is why hygge interior design features a lot of wood and natural materials, and also plants, large windows to let in light, light colors that don’t look artificial. Every home décor choice you made must be based on the pursuit of harmony, to experience moments of pleasure and sharing your home with the ones you love. That’s why in a hygge style home there’s always a big sofa where to curl up or chat with friends, a cozy kitchen, corners dedicated to relaxation, as we’ll see later. Because “feeling good at home” is the number one rule of interior design. In order to obtain this feeling, your house needs to somehow talk about you. So go ahead and fill the walls with photos, of your childhood friends, of beautiful memories from adventurous trips, of family portraits.


The photo frame in this picture is a design by Wedgwood.

Create the right atmosphere


To get a relaxing atmosphere, you can play with light design, combing different minor light sources, such as table or floor lamps, with the natural light from the outside. If you put one in the entrance, you will make the return easier after a long day at work, while the light of the living room lamp, if kept low and soft, will make the room more inviting and welcoming. To have a calm and relaxing environment, opt for light bulbs and accessories to adjust the intensity, so you can choose the effect you want, bright or more intimate and collected.  Do not forget candles either! Candle light and the warm atmosphere they create is one of the most representative symbols of the hygge style. You can place them on the kitchen table, but also on the shelves in between your favorite books,  or even in the bathroom, to create evocative décor corners, full of intense scents and a special light. Did you know that observing the candle flame is equivalent to a real meditation exercise? Candlelight is able to stops the flow of thoughts and leads to a state of calm. Before going to bed, it helps to prevent insomnia. Would you like to try that?


These candles by Woodendot will bring in your home a 100% hygge decor.

Live the moment, and turn off your smartphone


We know that technology is not to be excluded from our lives: it would be impossible, and it would not improve our lives. At the same time, it is undeniable how addicted we are to our laptop, our TV, our smartphones. Be present to yourself, live the here and now, and embrace the hygge manifesto. Transform your home into a safe place, a shelter from the rest of the world. Create a place to stop for a moment, and think of yourself, listen to music or read. Choose a good novel, put on your favorite relaxing music, and curl up into your comfy armchair, with a glass of wine armchair and don’t worry to take some time off. There is no hygge decor without a relaxing cornet, a safe place for your leisure hours, with a comfy armchair to welcome us in a comfy hug.


Is this armchair by San Marco comfy and welcoming enough for you?

Sharing food means sharing love


What pleasure is most genuine than sharing food with those you love? What feel better than enjoying a good meal in the company of those you care most about? This is such a simple thing to appreciate and enjoy, also because happiness starts even before your guests arrive. Cooking with others and for others, rediscovering the pleasure of preparing food slowly: that is hygge too. Take out your grandmother’s notebook of recipes and invite some friends home. Better to have all the tools in sight, so everyone they will be able to help, without having to ask where they are. If there is a large island in your kitchen, it will be fun to hang out around it between one step and another of preparation. While you are waiting for cooking, a lot of talk and a good wine to taste in your most precious glasses. You will transform those hours in a special afternoon. Of course, to  invite family and friends for an informal dinner or to start new tradition, you will need a large dining table. A single guest or many, what matters is sharing, being together, means telling each other how friendship and love are important: more love means more food to share, and that takes a large wooden table, to make everybody feel at home.


This dining room is decorated with furniture by Seiva.

Find time for your hobbies


For the hygge lifestyle, keeping in contact with nature is fundamental. That is why you should always try to find time for an outdoor hobby: reading a book on your patio, create a Do-it-yourself corner, or put together a little orchard or gardening spot. These activities will have a therapeutic effect, clearing your mind and erasing all the stress accumulated during your daily indoor activities.


How do you like this outdoor accessory by Trade Winds?

Comfort zone: pick your ideal sofa!

The right sofa will get you in a comfort zone you’ll never want to leave! But how to choose it?

Need a new sofa for your living room? Well, such a centerpiece is supposed to help you express your personality AND make your life comfier! So, take a look at these sofas: which one is THE one for you?

What do we say to gentrification? “Not today!”

You might be a Millennial, or be a bit older and still feel young inside, it doesn’t really matter. If this is the sofa you picked, one thing about you is for sure: you hate, hate gentrification. Some people might mistake you for a hipster, but you’re actually the complete opposite: it brings a tear to your eye to remember how your old neighborhood was before all the nice families with children moved there and all the shady, crumbly buildings were demolished to make space for organic food supermarkets. Regardless of what your job is, deep down you’re hiding a fiercely anti-establishment soul.


Who wouldn’t fall in love with Rossi di Albizzate?

Don’t underestimate me

You appreciate having your time to think before expressing your opinion on a subject you’re not familiar with, and so let us guess: you’ve been through years and years of having people either talking over you, or just assuming you had nothing interesting to say. We’ve been there too: using your brain is not always appreciated by our fellow humans. That’s why you were drawn to this sofa: it combines a classic, traditional frame with bold, striped and ultra-colorful upholstery. It’s the visual representation of your bold personality that shines in front of the right people.


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I’m fabulous

This high and mighty sofa was picked by either a King or a Queen. If you picked this shiny golden throne, you are very well aware of what you’re worth, and are not afraid to stand up and stomp on anyone who dares put themselves between you and your goal. Some would say you’re a bit of a show off, and you know they’re right; but is it so bad being theatrical in this gray world of responsibilities and obligations? You love being at the center of the attention, and you always make sure you have an audience: everyone already knows you’re the life and soul of the party because you’re the socialite who brought everyone together in the first place.


The fabulousness of the designs by Nika Zupanc is just stunning!

A cool couch potato

Well, you surely do love being comfy at home. You’re somebody who nests; you enjoy travelling, but eventually you’re always happy to come home to a familiar, cozy environment, surrounded by the people you love. You picked this comfortable sofa because you spend a lot of time at home, so being comfy is the first priority. The second priority is how things look: especially because you love being at home and having people over, you can’t afford to have shabby-looking furniture lying around. Besides, you can’t stand being average, and you know this sofa, with its delicate pink (or magenta) color, will make sure your living room stands out.


How could we leave Calligaris out of this?

A creative mind

You’re a creative mind who happens to enjoy both company and some alone time; as an artist, it turns out you need both. That’s why, of all sofas, you were drawn to this one in particular. You’re an open-minded individual who loves fighting agains preconcepts and surprising people with incredible, innovative ideas: no wonder you’ve fallen for the waves of this sofa!


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