Chose the best desk for your children’s bedroom

Chose the best desk for your children’s bedroom

Sometimes it is not easy to convince your children to study. A small contribution to the cause we can give is offering them a convenient workstation: a desk suited to their needs, that matches their taste and is appropriate for the size of the room.

For this reason, the choice of the desk presupposes not only an aesthetic, but also and above all technical, so as to guarantee a comfortable, functional and healthy study location. Di Lillo & Perego designed a desk which is incorporated with a bookcase: this set will guarantee the maximum functionality during your kid’s studying hours.

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The kids spend most of their day in the room, mostly sitting at the desk. That is why their workstation has to comfortable and ergonomic. This model by Aerodesk looks fun and joyful with its modern shape and its bright color, and will also provide your kids with a functional desk, to spend their hours in safety and comfort.

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A well-organized study area, customizable to 360 ° according to the different needs of those who will use it, makes it possible to make the rest of the room more usable and practical. This bedroom model by Domus Mobilishows how even a bedroom for two can be roomy and functional, when the furniture is set in a smart way and the design allows to exploit the space available at its best.

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Once they are grown up enough, try to follow their tastes and ask their opinion about furniture, tints and styles: they will enjoy the little world you created together even more, knowing that they participated in the decorating process sharing the responsibility with their parents. If your kid shares with you a taste for solid wood furniture with a classic style, this desk by Riva 1920 will be the perfect feature their room.

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A special armchair: the chaise longue

A special armchair: the chaise longue

Versatile and transformable, the chaise longue chair never loses its charm: in its classic model or in its innovative restyling, designers have always thought of this style of chair as an immortal classic.

Relax is a real art that regenerates the body and the spirit, but requires free time and the right piece of furniture: a chaise longue, placed in a quiet corner, allows you to lie down comfortably and indulge in relaxation. The soft cognac-colored leather of the Dialma Brown chaise longue will be the perfect feature to your leisure hours. The vintage charm of this model will give your living room an elegant atmosphere, the support structure and the quilted effect will make you more comfortable than ever.

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Glamor is the key word for the elegant Hollywood chaise longue by Altamoda Italia. The dormeuse is inspired by the films of the 50s. No detail is left to chance: the upholstery is in black and white pied-de-poule fabric embellished with contrasting fuchsia stitching, the slightly flared legs are in lacquer gold color with handcrafted solid wood elements. Due to its size, this piece will certainly become the protagonist of the living area.

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The transformable Multichair model by B-Line is composed of two distinct elements, joined by leather straps, which make it possible to transform the chaise longue into a chair or armchair. The internal structure is made of steel and is padded with polyurethane foam, the feet are in aluminum. It is a chair that has made the history of Italian design and is exhibited at the MoMA and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It will be like a work of art in your living room, exalting the beauty of the rest of the décor.

Find out more about B-Line here.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa is the furniture line of the renowned high-end cars brand. The TL300 chaise longue will give you the feeling of being seated in one of their fancy sport cars, but with the comfort and cozyness of your own living room. The chaise longue has a metal base that creates a pleasant contrast with the precious orange leather coating, and it is also available in the version with massage mechanism, for a 100% relaxing experience.

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Modern brands with a contemporary soul like to use unconventional materials, especially when they intend to renovate classic styles. An innovative material such as Polysy was used by Myyour to create the Cole chair. This ergonomic chaise longue can also be used outdoors, since it does not fear atmospheric agents and remains unchanged over time without maintenance. It has a clean and essential design and is available in matt or glossy finish in different colors.

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The first Eurooo Commercial Partner Meeting of 2018

The first Eurooo Commercial Partner Meeting of 2018

Eurooo met its partners and suppliers in the 10th edition of the ECPM

At the beginning of a new year, it is always important to meet together to explain all the new initiatives and celebrate together the success of a great international Company like Eurooo. 13 of the many partners participated the event, including Arte di Murano, Sangiorgio, Dormiflex and Erbaitalia.

The meeting began retracing the steps of the birth or Eurooo and Casaitaliana: it is vital to remember how the company started, in order to have a clear vision of its values. From the birth of the company in 2010 in Ravenna, to its new branches in many cities of China and its Eurooo offices in Milan. Casaitaliana and Eurooo grew together and made each other stronger, gaining the trust of markets all over the world, from China, to Europe, to Asia and America. Casaitaliana reached the goal of 107 million yuan in 2017 on the Chinese market only. Brands like Martini Mobili, Fabbricatore and S&G were enthusiastic to hear the news and confirmed their will to keep collaborating with the platform.

Eurooo, the international furniture platform, was born in 2016, aiming to provide the customers of all over the world, not only with high quality luxury furniture products, but also with a complete service: from the choice of the piece and price estimation, through packaging and shipping, to the assembly phase. The company is meticulous and diligent in supporting the customer in every step, verifying the quality of the product and the client’s requirements. Eurooo’s marketing team works every day to promote each and every single brand on its platform, investing resources in creating specific strategies to gain visibility on the high-end products market.

E-commerce has a much greater potential than the traditional formula: it guarantees transparency for the clients, who can compare the information with other sources, it can provide a larger number of options, that no real shop could ever have in stock, and it has an expectation of growth far superior to traditional methods. That is why Altreforme, Passoni Nature, Mussi Arreda and thousands of other luxury furniture brands saw the potential of an international platform like Eurooo.

Eurooo recently launched the platform OUJUHUI, dedicated to products ready to be shipped. The platform works through a website and a smartphone app, that will make it easy both for the customers and for the suppliers to communicate clearly and provide a good quality service. It is a great chance for European brands to expand on the Chinese market, together with the OZSP platform, dedicated to household appliances.

Eurooo’s family is in constant growth: by the end of March 2018, the platform will be completely translated in 10 languages, guaranteeing an even bigger coverage of the international market. Italian brands like Essenza and Gelosa will be visible not only to English speakers, but also to Russians, Brazilians, Germans, French and many other people.

The latest design trends 2018 edition of the Imm Cologne furniture fair

The latest design trends 2018 edition of the Imm Cologne furniture fair

Always keeping up to date with the latest trends and tendencies in the interior design world, Eurooo couldn’t miss the IMM fair in Cologne.

Imm Cologne is the first fair of the year dedicated to furniture and home décor, it is one of the most important internationally. Like every year, the International Furniture Fair will take place from January 15 for seven days, with its eleven pavilions and the astonishing number of brands showing their newest creations there.  Eurooo participated the exhibition, willing to find the most innovative among the new design tendencies, the most beautiful among the design works of the best companies in the world.

Italian brands are always the most numerous and successful in the international furniture fairs, and the Imm Cologne 2018 is no exception to the rule. Alias is a company that always works hard to stand out from the crowd and distinguish itself from all the other brands. Their exhibition stand, in fact, is a self-supporting, modular, extra-light and structure designed by the architects Renato Stauffacher. Andrea Sanguineti, the company’s brand manager, wanted this exhibition to be a statement about Alias’ philosophy: a brand that has built its strength in the perfect balance between technological experimentation and style, between architectural research applied to furniture and aesthetic solutions, always making their voice heard with the trends of contemporary living.

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France is another strong voice when it comes to interior design, and Roche Bobois is one of the main brands this year at Imm Cologne. They stay coherent with their colorful style, their tendency to mix and match different materials, visual patterns, tints, in a tasteful home décor game. For the new collections, the French brand seems to prefer darker tones, that recall the fall season with its sweet melancholy, and a certain boho-chic style.  When entering Roche Bobois exhibition stand, we feel like we are in a real living room: warm, welcoming and decorated with taste and attention to details.

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For quite some years now, Scandinavian countries have gained their spot among the interior design world, becoming more and more popular for their minimalism and their strong personality. This year, the Danish brand Stouby has installed one of the most successful exhibition stands. Their most appreciated piece is their iconic leather chair design: simple, and yet very unique, with its sinuous lines and ergonomic shape.

Find out more about Stouby here.

A surprising new entry in the high-end furniture world is Belgium, especially with the brand Jori. Their design made with wood celebrate all the raw beauty of this material. Wood is treated with innovative techniques that guarantee resistance and a long-lasting performance, without giving up its natural look. Jori is certainly one of the best surprises of Imm Cologne 2018.

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The timeless elegance of leather sofas

The timeless elegance of leather sofas

The leather sofa is truly an evergreen piece of furniture, something that will never look old-fashioned. Here we selected some designs by the most renowned brands.

Natuzzi is the most famous sofa brands among Italian companies. The fame is absolutely well deserved, since the quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship experience of Natuzzi is unmatched. The Armonia sofa is one of their most popular designs: the double stitching details give a unique touch to it, the soft leather and the roomy seat make it welcoming and comfortable. In other words, a timeless classic.

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This astonishing model by Dialma Brown has an essential and compact line that makes it easy to be placed in any living room: it is made unique by the visible stitching that decorates the surface. The warm caramel color makes the leather look even softer and appealing.

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The Brisbane model by Roche Bobois is a retro-inspired sofa with a lot of personality. The solid wood structure is entirely covered in fine European cowhide. The metal details all around the sofa bring a strong touch to this elegant design.

Find out more about Roche Bobois here.

The company Bentley is not only famous for their high-end cars, but it started its own luxury furniture line, to bring their high-speed style right into your home. The Beaumont sofa is a beautiful example of their design taste: sophisticated and simple, but with details that make it the undisputed protagonist of the home décor.

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Mascheroni is an Italian brand who has been focusing in the design of leather sofas since its birth. The company is young, but their taste in design is classic. This fancy corner sofa is a perfect example of their attention to details and their impeccable manufacturing skills.

Find out more about the classic Mascheroni design here.

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Stylish and trendy beds: natural wood or lacquer finish?

Stylish and trendy beds: natural wood or lacquer finish?

Natural wood always has its charm, but lacquer finishes are elegant, sophisticated and modern. What do we choose for our bed? Here we give you some ideas.

Memo by Poliform is a wonderful example of a model with lacquer finishes. This bed has subtle shapes and an almost evanescent structure: it is delicate and elegant, especially in the white color. Memo will be perfect for those who want to place the bed in the middle of the room: its sophisticated design will not look invasive, but it will still bring a unique touch to the bedroom.

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The brand Flou is mostly renowned for upholstery beds, but their wooden designs are equally stylish. This bed has a headboard made with 27 turned spokes, set in a curved frame, which functions as a structure. Made of solid wenge-stained ash wood or in solid walnut. The natural look of the raw material is beautifully used for a contemporary and minimalist design, a fine example of high-end furniture.

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Simplicity and intimacy, compact dimensions and soft shapes characterize the Offshore bed by Porro, with a thin thick headboard. A complementary bedside table is integrated in the composition, made with a very clear wood essence and rich in veins from the forests of North America. The headboard and bed frame are available in a wide range of matt and glossy lacquers, but here we show you the most elegant version in white.

Find out more about Porro here.

Memory by Zanette is a bed with comforting shapes, distinguished by the particular curved wooden headboard, which will become the protagonist of your bedroom. Made of solid wood selected in the finishes Oak Moro, Oak Crete, Canaletto Walnut, it is also available gloss lacquered in a wide range of colors. It exists in four different mattress widths with a wooden slatted base.

Take a look at more design by Zanette here.

In the classic Lema tradition, the Theo bed combines the richness and warmth of wood with the formal neatness of sober and elegant lines. The thin headboard detail, in harmonic contrast with the structure, interrupts the linearity of the shapes. Made of open pore black lacquered ash or charcoal-stained ash.

Find out more about the Lema furniture world here.

Infolio by Caccaro is the most unique of these beds: characterized by the unconventional headboard which integrates the two bedside tables in a continuous surface. Infolio is made of natural beech or in the matt or lacquered version. Minimalism and eccentricity walk arm in arm in this masterpiece design.

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A luxury apartment complex 100% Fendi Casa, coming soon to Istanbul

A luxury apartment complex 100% Fendi Casa, coming soon to Istanbul

The Buyukyalı Istanbul project is getting ready to become one of the most intriguing buildings in Istanbul, and it will be decorated and furnished entirely by Fendi Casa.

The 17 floors residential building will host 14 apartments of various types and common relax areas, all designed by Fendi Casa. It will be inaugurated by 2019 and is getting ready to be one of the most exclusive and chic buildings in Istanbul.

The Metrogramma architectural firm together with Luxury Living Group, with the partnership of Ozak, first presented the idea for this project in November 2017, sharing this ambitious idea with the world. The final result will be a grandiose building, a residential complex among the most high-class in the world, thanks to the decoration and furniture by Fendi Casa.

The architect Andrea Boschetti – artistic and scientific director of the architecture firm Metrogramma, an international architecture, urban planning and interior design studio with operating companies in Milan, Moscow and New York and offices in London and Dubai – has thought of every detail for this important project on the coasts of the Sea of Marmara.

The new residential area will be located in a strategic position for easy access to all the new transport systems of Istanbul: a characteristic that does nothing but increase the value of the project. There will be a large area dedicated to social moments and shopping, along with play areas and commercial spaces. Part of the project involves the recovery of a series of historic buildings that will be converted to accommodate restaurants, cafes and exhibition spaces.

The complex is developed in an area of 11 hectares and was created with the aim of representing a precise lifestyle model: classy and functional. The project will include apartments and houses of various cuts and concepts, but also a hotel and the “branded residences”. Decoration and furniture by Fendi Casa will make each and every one of these areas elegant, unique and unforgettable.

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